Last updated 8 July 2023

NextDose is a web-based Bayesian dose forecasting tool.  

See GitHub Readme for further details of version changes

09-Jul-2023: v 1.9.13: Updated versions of gentamicin, tobramycin, amikacin, vancomycin models.

05-May-2023: v 1.9.13: Results page shows target AUC with standard integration interval rather than user specified dosing interval.

28-Apr-2023: v 1.9.12: Bug fix for tacrolimus time after transplant when non-SS doses start more than 3 days after transplant.

24-Feb-2023: v 1.9.11: Time course on graphs using Repeat Doses improved.

20-Feb-2023: v 1.9.10: Changes to text describing proposed dose with cumulative AUC target.

29-Nov-2022: v 1.9.9: Print report infusion duration and time-since-dose formatting changed.

17-Nov-2022: v 1.9.8: Busulfan 3 day cumulative AUC target option added.

29-Sep-2022: v 1.9.7:  Bug fix for linezolid error when serum creatinine not supplied.

27-Sep-2022: v 1.9.6:  Bug fix for FirstDose mode with user defined PO dose and default IV route.

26-Sep-2022: v 1.9.5:  Medicines now list alphabetically in add medicine drop down.

09-Jul-2022: v 1.9.4:  Bug fix to enable clearer warning when cum AUC exceeds target.

17-May-2022: v 1.9.3: Bug fix corrected proposed doses not matching Bayesian average dose.

01-May-2022: v 1.9.2:  Improved display of user defined cumulative AUC target. "Show more" observation type implemented for cumulative AUC target.

28-Apr-2022: v 1.9.1: Bug fix for proposed IV and PO doses when PO doses administered before IV doses.

27-Apr-2022: v 1.9.0: Improved display of user defined AUC/MIC target.

25-Apr-2022: Bug fix for cumulative AUC proposed dose for consistency with choice of dose prediction method.

29-Mar-2022: Linezolid additional platelet units option (10^9/L); improved results plot showing baseline platelet measurement.

24-Mar-2022: Ganciclovir (IV) and valganciclovir (PO) model released for NextDose.

06-Feb-2022: Update: Fat free mass prediction method for neonates, infants and children improved especially for neonates. Fix: Improved description of remaining doses for cumulative AUC target.

16-Jul-2021: Bug fix for 'Actual Dose' display on Results page when hematocrit is used to standardize predictions.

25-May-2021: Bug fix when 'what if' calculation used with cumulative AUC target. Bug fix when end infusion time specified before dose start time.

18-Mar-2021: Posaconazole model released for NextDose. Trough target option added to prediction of FirstDose.

24-Dec-2020: Single dose infusion duration was incorrect if it followed repeated dose infusions with a different dosing interval. This has been corr ected.

12-Dec-2020: Height was not imputed unless at least one dose given. This restriction has been removed.

11-Dec-2020: TAD target may use target dosing interval for trough time (CssTroughDI

19-Nov-2020: Feature removal request: MIC observation type removed from gentamicin, amikacin, vancomycin.

11-Nov-2020: Bug occurring with repeated infusions with different infusion durations has been fixed.

24-Oct-2020: Tobramycin models released for NextDose. The tobramycin models and parameters are based on those for gentamcin becuase the PK is very similar for both drugs.

22-Sep-2020: Genotype information for CYP4F2 and VKORC1 on Patient Details page expanded to specify the rs genotype identifier.

09-Sep-2020: Additional target type options with fixed AUC integration intervals. The busulfan option is for AUC over 4 days. The vancomycin option if for a steady state AUC over 48 h. These options make it simpler to use recommended AUC targets with these integration intervals.

08-Aug-2020: Dabigatran models released for NextDose. Algorithm improved for proposed dose calculation when there are both  IV and PO routes.

07-Jul-2020: Repeated dose algorithm re-written to improve occasion detection and overlapping dose implmentation. Equivalent Css average target shown when AUC target requested. Warning shown for tacrolimus if day of transplant not supplied.

01-Jun-2020: Patient Details used to specify Actual, Test or Demo type. Instances (date-time) list uses colour to distinguish Results calculated with Actual patient data or What If (simulation) data, or changed data before Results. Results format changed using colours and tables. Individual PKPD and covariate variables displayed for each occasion.

16-Apr-2020: Hydroxychloroquine whole blood concentration model added based on Carmichael 2003 population PK analysis.

11-Feb-2020: Free text entry boxes for Patient Details and Comments on the Printable Results Report have been made more flexible to allow users to record more information.

01-Jun-2019: Schwartz creatinine clearance changed to use gestational age < 40 instead of post-mentstrual age < 40 weeks.

04-Apr-2019  Sumpter method for prediction of  fat free mass fraction of adult value capped at 1 for premature boys.

11-Mar-2019: CYP3A5 genotype variants added as observation type  for tacrolimus.

03-Mar-2019: Albumin added as observation type for mycophenolate.

12-Feb-2019:  Target conc for mycophenolate changed from 40 to 50 mcg/L unbound.

28-Jan-2019: The home pages for NextDose and dev.NextDose have been simplified. Information about NextDose that was on the home pages is now accessible through this web.

27-Jan-2019: Five new medicine models have been tested using dev.NextDose (gentamicin, amikacin, vancomycin, caffeine and mycophenolate). These models are now available for use with NextDose.

29-Jul-2018: Target dose predictions are now based on covariates (fixed effects) at the end of dosing intervals rather than the start. This should give better predictions when covariates change during a dosing interval such as the empirical time varying clearance of busulfan.

29-Jul-2018: Choice between using between occasion variability (BOV) with between subject variability (BSV) or BSV alone for dose prediction. See Dose Prediction.


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